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Delta, a global leading provider of power and thermal management solutions, today announced the release of the EUCO-2.1kW LED drivers, the newest models of its EUCO Arena Sport Series with DALI 2/D4i and DMX/RDM versions. The new DALI model is certified with D4i standard, an extension of the DALI-2 lighting protocol, to meet demands on integrating IoT connectivity into LED sports lighting and other industrial and commercial lighting applications.

Tim Lee, Vice President, Delta EMEA, said, “By providing a broad portfolio of power solutions with industry-leading energy efficiency, Delta has become one of the market leaders in LED lighting power. We launched the EUCO Arena Sport Series LED drivers to support LED lighting systems in sports stadiums with easier installation and remote-control functions to optimize the experience for on-site and TV audiences. The new EUCO-2.1kW LED drivers are designed for today’s customer requirements for IoT connectivity and high energy efficiency.”

The EUCO-2.1kW LED drivers consist of three programmable independent output channels with a max output power of 700 W/channel. The driver is capable of achieving a very low peak-to-peak current ripple (<1%), which allows high-resolution TV broadcasting of sports events. Energy conservation is also boosted by its 97% energy efficiency. In addition, it features a wide operating temperature (-40°C ~ 50°C) and achieve a rated IP66 to ensure a suitable operation for the most rugged environments applications.

The drivers also offer a 200-meter remote control function. Traditionally, LED drivers are placed on high masts, making it difficult to setup, maintain and replace. With the remote control function that allows a 200-meter distance between the driver and the luminaire, the driver can be installed on the ground to support safe installation and easy maintenance.