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Delta has announced the release of its latest driver from its cutting-edge high power LED drivers series EUCO ARENA SPORT. The EUCO-600W, a compact-single output LED driver, is designed to provide ultimate flexibility and reliability to operate under a wide range of temperatures while retaining highly accurate specifications over its lifetime.

The EUCO-600W makes an ideal solution for Stadium Lighting due to its low ripple current level, which is indispensable for Live TV broadcasting conditions. Also due to its robust design, the EUCO-600W is well-suited for industrial lighting, high mast lighting, large area lighting and horticulture applications. The high efficiency of the EUCO-600W driver and its compact metal case provide tangible energy savings and impressive heat management to ensure a long service life.

The EUCO ARENA SPORT 600 W LED drivers are available in two models with different control interfaces to support two-way communication via DALI-2 or DMX/RDM.