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  • Universal AC input voltage range
  • High power desinity in corrosion resistant aluminim casing
  • Power Boost of 150 for 5 seconds
  • Advanced Power Boost (APB) - large reserve output current for fuse triping
  • Conforms to harmonic current IEC/En 61000-3-2, Class A
  • Built-in DC OK contact and LED indicator for DC OK/ over Load
  • Conformal coating on PCBAs protect against common dust and chemical pollutants

CliQ M series Certification marks Resized

Model Name Phase PFC Output Voltage Output Current Output Power Input Voltage Range Dimensions (L x W x H) Download datasheet
DRM-24V120W1PN Phase I 24V 5.00A 120W 85-264Vac 124 x 40 x 117 mm
DRM-24V240W1PN Phase I 24V 10.0A 240W 85-264Vac 124 x 60 x 117 mm
DRM-24V480W1PN Phase I 24V 20.0A 480W 85-264Vac 124 x 82 x 127 mm
DRM-24V480W3PN Phase I 24V 20A 480W 3 x 320-575Vac (3-Phase) or 2 x 380-575Vac (2-Phase) 124 x 65 x 127.1 mm
DRM-24V80W1PN Phase I 24V 3.4A 82W 85-276Vac 124 x 32 x 102 mm
DRM-24V960W1PN Phase I 24V 40A 960W 90-264Vac 124x125x133.6 mm
DRM-24V960W3PN Phase I 24V 40A 960W 3 x 320-575Vac (3-Phase) or 2 x 380-575Vac (2-Phase) 124 x 110 x 128.6 mm